9 August 2018, 13:30 hrs
Those present:
Jarkko Suominen – Jury Member
MC Coetzer – Jury Member
Kalvin Kaloz – Jury Member
Mario Podmanik – FIPS-Mouche
Edoardo Ferrero – FIPS-Mouche
David Deane – Head of International Supervision
Adam Kubacki – International Supervisor
To address unfair treatment of  Competitor Teemu Kosonen, Finland, during the course of Session 1 Sector 2, Beat 9.
Having considered the information collected from all involved parties, being Team Finland, Team USA, Sector Judges and the Head of International Supervision The Jury hereby announces their decision:
Competitor Teemu Kosonen is to be granted a compensation for unfair treatment in the form of additional competition Session to be held today 9 August on same Sector same beat.
The fishing hours will be 16:00 – 17:30.
Departure time: 15:00 hrs.
The Competitor is to be assisted by Sector Judge Grzegorz Konieczny and the Captain of Team Finland.
The proposal has been unanimously approved by all participants of the meeting.
On behalf of The Jury
Adam Kubacki
International Organizer