Captains meeting 2

Minutes of 2nd captain meeting
7 August 22:00 to 23:00
Roll call done, all teams present
Substitution form provided for each captains.
Draw results hand over to the head of IS team Dave Deane.
Announcement of the head of IS
Boat fishing system
Cato Nilssen (IS member) has shared own observations from today’s practise on the lake and there were no problems with the current at all.
French team objected that the controller will be sitting the whole time at the end of the boat which would be disadvantage for the competitor. There were discussed possible scenarios considering the safety aspects. It was unanimously approved that the controller will be sitting in the middle and will be rowing the boat. If the competitor sitting at the motor side will be able to manage the motor, he is allowed to do so, otherwise it will be done by controller.
Competition logistics
Accompanying persons @ Closing Ceremony & Dinner – pls report No. of people to Adam
Sector Maps with the drop-off points and the parking places will be updated on the website over the night.
French Youth program presented by Piere Kuntz.